Renon cable car & train

Renon - a popular summer destination

On the Renon, summer retreat was quasi invented, because every summer since 1505 the families of Bolzano use to go where "the air is fresh". Formerly, the summer lasted exactly 72 days. On June 29th the wealthy people of Bolzano set out with children, household and laundry to spend the summer on the mountain.

When on August 13th 1907 the rack railway of Renon was opened - a world rarity at that time - is was possible to overcome about 1,000 high metres without efforts. The train started from Walther square in Bolzano and should make the mountain accessible for wealthy tourists in the period of the Belle Époque.

Until the 1960s the rack railway brought not only people but also goods on the Renon.

In 1966, a more modern cable car was built instead of the rack railway. After four decades, this cable car was replaced by the new cable car Renon, which since 2009 operates every 4 minutes between the city of Bolzano and Soprabolzano.
This new cable car has a travel time of 12 minutes and a capacity of 35 people and can also transport bicycles and baby strollers.

Between the villages on the Renon - Soprabolzano, Costalovara, Stella and Collalbo - runs the popular "Rittner Bahnl" - the narrow-gauge train on the Renon. In addition to the original tram-car - a rarity - two more modern tram-cars are now used.
The train connects Collalbo with Soprabolzano in 16 minutes.