The Latemar is a house full of history. Built in the classic Alpine art nouveau style, the house has been there since at least 1928. It was originally intended as a summer holiday cottage. On the Renon and in Soprabolzano in particular, there are many such houses: places for the Bolzano middle class to retreat to during the hot summer days. The grandmother or, respectively, great-grandmother of the present hotel managers also hailed from Bolzano. She bought the house because her son suffered from asthma, and the clear Renon mountain air alleviated his symptoms. During the Second World War the building was used as a military hospital.

After the great war, which had brought misery and unspeakable suffering upon everyone, things started to look up. Tourism thrived and became an economic factor to be reckoned with, both in South Tyrol and specifically on the Renon. Our house evolved, too, and was converted into a humble guest house in those days. Further refurbishments over the years shaped the Latemar into the little gem that it is today.

Around the turn of the millennium, the hotel remained in the family but was leased out and run by the leaseholders, until we – Margit and Renate Verdorfer – made our highly motivated decision to take management of the Latemar into our own hands once more.

By the way, it is the rule rather than the exception for this house to be run by an all-female team: From the moment the house was bought in 1928 to this day, it has always been the women who have called the shots at the Latemar – from their great-grandmother all the way to Margit and Renate Verdorfer.